Monday, February 23, 2009

ONLY YOU Philippines remake

Only You main casts

Jillian - Angel Locsin

The lead female protagonist, Jillian is headstrong and independent who becomes a single mother after a one night stand with TJ.

After she graduates from high school, she goes to a cooking school Korea. She is self-confident, active and is positive towards life. You will laugh – she has the habit of knocking her head against the wall or the table when things go wrong. Like the long-suffering heroines as in other dramas, she ends up doing for others and not considering for herself.

She is a modern Chang Jin – trying out different ways to cook the best dishes.

This unwed mother is very trendy.

TJ - Sam Milby

The lead male protagonist, TJ is the father of Jillian's son after a one night stand. He finds it very difficult to articulate his feelings to Jillian.

He is the successor of a huge corporation, Da Ying which consists of 30 subsidiaries. He is the head of the management department. He has the looks and management skills. But his love life is a blank as he is very cold. He can’t forget Jillian after 6 years. So when she appears in front of him and working under him, he puts down all his alertness and wants to get closer to her.

Jonathan - Diether Ocampo

Jonathan is Jillian's best friend who always has had feelings for her.

He was born into a family which runs a cultivating business. Unlike Jillian who has to give up her studies, he completes it although he misses her so as to provide her a better life. He becomes the top chef in one of the restaurants in Da Tong. Originally, he wants to open a restaurant with her. He has thought that she will forget TJ after their one night stand but is shocked to know that Jillian falls in love with TJ.

He later spends 6 years, trying to win her over. Besides providing her family a home, he also looks out for jobs for her. And he treats Jillian's son like his son.

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